Adobe hasn’t “certified” the Flash Player for Jelly Bean or newest version of androids (Android 4.+) – it’s not guaranteed to work properly and you may see some bugs. Adobe is discontinuing development of Flash for Android.

You can’t install Flash from Google Play, so you’ll need to acquire the Flash Player’s APK file yourself.

you can download the file from this link and install in the tab/mobile.

after download use mobile's default brower.  if the version of android is newest then you have to install  Firefox Beta broswer (download from google play) and open the browser and go to setting and click display  and click plugins and select enabled.

now enjoy


go to settings of your tab/mobile -  security - unknown sourcers (tick) -




Now you’ll just have to locate the APK file, tap it, and install it. If you copied the APK file to your Nexus 7’s file system, you’ll need a file manager like ES File Explorer to locate and install it. If you used Google Drive, you can open up the Google Drive app and tap the APK file. (The same goes for other cloud storage services.)

Agree to the installation when prompted.